You’re Probably Going to be Sorry You Asked: About Elizabeth

I’m making Pork Chop Bake for dinner and I just ate half a can of those French fried onions you put on green bean casserole. I feel ill. If my husband did that I would totally shake my head and look disappointed in him for having so little self control. So let’s just keep this our little secret, mkay? Thanks.

I’m in the middle of my evening dinner ritual. Two of my sons are at the kitchen table doing homework and plotting their revenge on me over the fact that I force them to do horrible things like sound out a word instead of just telling them what it is (my 6 year old) and write legibly (my 10 year old). My youngest (3) is passed out on the couch with a thumb lodged firmly in his mouth. I’m splitting my time between browning pork chops and writing on my laptop at the kitchen table. It’s a typical scene at my house.

I regularly fail at most aspects of my life (parenting, work, dieting, exercise, cleaning, laundry, organization, proper hygiene, etc). Dinner, however, is my shining beacon of success. Scratch that; it was a bit of an oversell. Dinner is my one system that regularly works. I meal plan and coupon clip. I grocery shop once a week. I cook dinner every night. About 75% of the time everyone likes it. Only once did a member of my family vomit his food back onto his plate out of disgust.

I like to hope that someday when my kids look back on their childhoods they’ll have happy memories of interesting and delicious food at dinnertime (even if they’re wedged in and around the one of that time Mom let them watch a movie in the car in the parking lot at Target while she ran inside really quick and someone called the police).

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Turn Ons: BLTs, true Ruebens with extra thousand island sauce, sushi, steak medium rare, burgers with blue cheese and bacon, lemons, limes, salt, ranch dressing, crème brulee, mint chocolate chip ice cream, beautiful tomatoes, arugula, horseradish, peppery red wines.

Turn Offs: Olives, overcooked poultry, under salted meat, American cheese, bacon cooked in the microwave, instant mashed potatoes, hard chocolate chip cookies.

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4 Responses to You’re Probably Going to be Sorry You Asked: About Elizabeth

  1. Kathleen Tolar says:

    Okay, that part about how you hate microwave bacon makes me feel really bad, since the ONLY kind of bacon you ever had as a child was microwave bacon – can you make it another way?

    • Amanda N says:

      Kathleen, I love microwaved bacon! Gets rid of all the greasy stuff that makes me feel guilty about eating it. Plus, my mom always made us English muffins with peanut butter and microwaved bacon on them. Is that weird?

  2. Sheri Steigerwald says:

    There’s just something about cooking bacon in a skillet on the stove…grease everywhere including the air…the aroma that lingers for hours…burning your tongue on that first piece out of the skillet you just can’t wait to get into your mouth and hope no one is looking! Even though I am guilty of microwave bacon once in a while. I agree its a turnoff!

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