The Secret Sauce – and How You Failed Me

Recipe: Honey-Ginger Barbeque Sauce

Unlike books, you sometimes can tell a recipe by its cover. That is, when something sounds good, there is a good chance it will taste good. That’s how we happened upon today’s gem. “Honey-Ginger” just sounds good to me, so I had to try it. The original recipe had it paired with shrimp, which I think would certainly work, but I felt like chicken so that’s what we used.

 A fairly simple set of ingredients, no? The recipe calls for “hot-sauce” without being specific and I chose this “sweet Habanero” sauce that really brings the fire. I might also try Sriracha, but I don’t think I’d try Tabasco because it brings too much vinegar to the party. There is already a healthy dose of vinegar.

 I do have one bone to pick with you, the reader. Look up in that picture above. Do you see any garlic there? Of course not, even though the recipe clearly calls for garlic, and lots of it. I forgot the garlic. I didn’t notice until I’d just about finished cooking the sauce down. I had to take it off the heat, mince the garlic, add it to the sauce, then heat it back up and finish cooking it down. Pay attention people! Next time you see me leave something out, go back in time and tell me before it’s too late. It’s for your own good.

 You want to “aggressively simmer” the sauce until it cooks down to the consistency of a thin jelly. Stir frequently towards the end, to prevent it from burning. The result is, in my opinion, the perfect combination of savory (the vinegar and garlic base), sweet (the honey and ginger), and heat. 

 Used this secret sauce on some grilled chicken, and it shined. The secret to good grilled chicken is to cook over medium heat, 10 minutes on each side. Then another 5 minutes on one side and apply your sauce after turning for another 5 minutes. Then, turn off the heat and turn again, basting generously with the sauce (both sides have now been sauced). Remove from the grill and serve immediately, with reserved sauce for those who want more (with this sauce, it will be everyone). 

 Here it is, paired with some awesome Chipotle Potato Salad, which I’ll feature in next week’s post.

Rating: 5 out of 5 glasses of your favorite iced beverage, to help put out the sweet fire in your mouth from this sauce. This was so good that Kathleen was dunking pieces of potato into the leftover sauce.  I’m looking forward to trying it with other meats and maybe even some grilled vegetables.


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