The San Diego Entree

Recipe: Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Prosciutto and Roasted Pepper

I settled on an entree for the San Diego group dinner and did a dry run last weekend.

While it’s an impressive array of ingredients and there is some prep work involved, I think it’s going to work because it scales up easily and can be tuned for most of the picky eaters in the group (except for the vegetarians).  Plus, no gluten!  The first step is to roast the Poblano peppers. This can be done in advance and then the peeled peppers can be refrigerated until needed. I plan to do this part of the prep at home before we go to SD.

In fact, I think the chicken breasts can be prepped in advance too (butterflied, then pounded to a uniform thickness), so we’ll head over to San Diego with the peppers roasted and the chicken ready for wrapping.

Assembling the stuffed breasts is simply a matter of adding layers you want, then rolling it up tightly and securing with a couple of toothpicks. You can use any kind of peppers you want, of course, or omit them entirely if your audience includes members of the don’tLikePeppers group. We’ll have some with peppers, some without Prosciutto, and I’m sure there will be other combinations in the mix.

After all your rolls have been assembled, season them generously with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. Then sear them all on both sides (or really, all sides) in a heavy skillet heated to medium-high. This amounts to a couple of minutes per roll and should result in nicely-browned stuffed breasts ready for finishing in the oven.

[um yeah, there should be a picture here of the searing, but the photographer got distracted]

De-glaze the skillet using water and a couple tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, pouring the resulting sauce over your chicken before putting it into the oven.

And voila! Chicken breasts stuffed with Prosciutto, cheese, basil, and roasted peppers, ready to feed the masses.

I’m going to serve this with a robust salad, probably rice or couscous, and I’m sure there will be garlic bread to accompany the whole thing. I can already hear the applause.

Rating: Since this is an entree for the group in San Diego, I should really wait until they have had it to rate it. But, I tried it out on a subset of them this weekend and the result was unanimous, 5 out of 5 adult beverages of your choice.

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4 Responses to The San Diego Entree

  1. AmandaD says:

    It’s official, I want to be your official food tester. Everything you make sounds so good!

  2. Erin Tolar says:

    Yum! I vote rice (if I get a vote); couscous is def not gf friendly. Maybe you can work out a stuffed toficken version for the veggies ;)

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