Thai Chicken Saute’

Recipe: Thai Chicken Saute’

I had planned to make Sesame Chicken stir-fry for dinner tonight, but we had that last week in San Diego (made for a crowd of 16+ by Elizabeth and Jason). We like that enough that I’m a little wary of repeating it too frequently and having it fall out of favor. But I still wanted to make stir-fry and I found this recipe in my “let’s try this some time” file.

Since I’ll serve it over rice, the first step is to cook the rice. Do you see the picture above? If you own a rice cooker, your first step is now complete. You just wait for it to say “rice is done”, then you can just wait as long as you want after that because the rice cooker will keep your perfectly-cooked rice at the perfect temperature with the perfect amount of moisture for as long as you want. You can forget about the rice. It’s taken care of. Get a rice cooker, is what I’m saying.

Quick trip to the grocery to get the ingredients. A couple of notes about this:

  • They were all out of limes (wth?!?), so instead of fresh-squeezed lime juice, it’s that abomination in the plastic squeeze bottle. Since it just goes in the sauce, it is probably not fatal, but it’s certainly a party foul.
  • I normally get larger chicken pieces and cut my own stir-fry meat, but I stumbled upon this and was overcome by laziness. It’s a little more expensive than buying and cutting your own, but when you’re making dinner for two, this turns out to be the exact amount needed. So, quicker and no waste. Quit judging me.
  • Whenever you feel the need to purchase a specialty ingredient like, fish sauce for instance, you should probably check your refrigerator to see if you already have it. That way you won’t end up with two bottles of a rarely-used specialty ingredient (note to any local reader who needs fish sauce: I have an extra, unused bottle).

From here it’s just a matter of cutting up your vegetables and aromatics, cooking the protein at high heat, then cooking the vegetables and aromatics, adding back in the protein and your sauce, plating and garnishing, followed by basking in the waves of adulation from your adoring fans/family members.

Remember that your fans and family members will always be way more wavy, adulation-wise, if they are really, really hungry after a long day of getting the school ready for incoming teachers.

Rating: I give this a 2 out of 5 Singha beers for Thai authenticity. There is really very little actually Thai about this dish. It has coconut milk, ginger, and fish sauce, but that’s about it. However, I give it a 4 out of 5 for flavor and ease of preparation. You could add some more veggies, kick up the spice with more Sriracha, and this will please just about anyone.

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