Don’t take it personally tahini, but you suck (sometimes)

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RECIPE: Lemon-scented quinoa salad

Seriously tahini, this recipe sucked.

I adore you tahini, don’t get me wrong. (It’s sesame paste. And I heart sesame. Think: humus. It’s the base ingredient for humus.) And I also like everything that went into this salad. And the writer who posted it.

Ingredients: Quinoa (awesome Inca-associated super-food with adorable curly-q ends, when cooked) that I often make. And I even  found a colorful variety in the bulk food section:

A dressing of tahini, olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt.

Mixed with garbanzo beans, red onion and cucumber. (The cucumber is new to the recipe).

It sounds like a parade of the flavors I love. And it’s from a site every veggie blogger is tripping over with fondness (including me). But in the end? The salad was a gloppy mess. Two thumbs down.

Trouble is, this was my dish for a potluck. Eek.

So I brought it anyway. The cilantro makes it look nicer, right?

People SAID they loved it. But people SAY they love all sorts of things they shouldn’t: white pants, comic sans, tomatoes, etc.


Ken didn’t think it was so bad. (But he also likes tomatoes.) He said it needs something either sweeter or spicier. Grapes maybe? Or hot chili peppers?

Regardless, I think this highlighted a personal preference I hadn’t otherwise identified: If it’s a salad, it should be fresh and light. So keep this in mind whenever you make me one. I don’t want creamy dressings weighing down leaves in my garden salad. No mayo in my coleslaw. So, apparently, no tahini with my quinoa. (Sorry Heidi. I still love your OTHER recipes. And we’re still BFFs, right?)

Thankfully, Ken brought a stunning fresh salmon fillet brushed with balsamic vinegar, honey and pepper to save our potluck reputation. Lots of oohs and aahs. Maybe he should be the one writing.

Rating: 2 of 5 bottles of red wine. You’ll need the whole bottles to learn to love this salad. Next time for the dressing, I figure the lemon, garlic, salt, sesame seeds and cilantro tossed with a toasted sesame oil (that I love) should dress it up quite nicely.¬† Much better.

FOR THE RECIPE, see 101 Cookbooks.

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