Stockpiling Lentils

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RECIPE: Lentils with lemon spinach

It reminded me of Africa. I lived in Southern Africa for years – far from anything relating to a grocery store. Laden with our big backpacks for hauling food, we’d hitchhike out of the village to get groceries every few months. And the one thing I’d grab armloads of? Lentils.

In my little house, on the shelf above my clothes, were stacks of bags of lentils. It was the bush. And stockpiling food was critical. For the vegetarian, I had to ensure my protein allotment.

When I put on a pot of lentils this week, it brings me back to my African closet full of them.

This recipe isn’t based on any recipe. It’s based on what was in my fridge – which will always include greens, avocado and ginger. It’s a simple, everyday meal high in fiber, laden with protein, low in fat. It’s the type of meal I feel good about eating … even after I’ve finished eating it.

Lentils with lemon greens. Here’s a little visual walk-through:

Recipe materials

Simmering greens

Once the lentils were cooking away, I started in on the onions and ginger in my grandfather’s cast-iron skillet. Then I added peppers. And, finally, spinach and spices.

Your lovely lentil dinner

Top with a generous squeeze of lemon and slices of avocado.

Rating: 3 of 5 glasses of wine, only because it’s missing glamor. I actually love this recipe. But it’s absolutely built for the “everyday” meal. So it has an everyday rating. Enjoy!

(And the leftovers were yum, too.) Click the image below to download and print your very own reminiscent-of-stockpiling-protein recipe.

Lentils and lemon spinach recipe to download

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2 Responses to Stockpiling Lentils

  1. Amanda N says:

    Dang, that looks delicious! I’m wondering if adding something red might add ‘glamor’. hmmm

  2. AmandaD says:

    Those plates are fabulous! OK, I should have commented on the food, but I have a slight obsession with dinnerware.

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