Sorta Like Tacos, But Classier

RECIPE: Tortilla Pie

Every week I plan our dinners.

Every week I say to Jason and the kids, “Hey guys, have any suggestions for dinners this week?”

Every week these are the responses I get:

Can we have [insert something we had roughly 24 hours before]? No, Dearheart, we just. had. that.

Nothing gross or weird. Really? Because I totally already have Monday’s dinner filled in right here and I just put “Gross and Weird”. That’s not OK with you?

This is cheese made from the stuff between my nephew, Colby's, toes. It's delicious. He's that cute.

I dunno… something easy and good… Oh, excellent suggestion! Totally helpful! What are the ingredients in ‘Easy and Good’ again?

And finally, at least once a week, from any one of my brainstorming buddies I get:

How about tacos? Sigh. OK, tacos again.

The kids like tacos, they’re relatively simple and quick to throw together and they’re not horribly unhealthy, but seriously? I get tired of them. They’re boring.

So this week when Gray said, “Can we have tacos, Mom?” I said, “No. But we can have tortilla pie!”

It’s pretty much the same thing. I’m not sure the kids were totally convinced. It’s OK, though, by the third time I make it it will be their favorite thing ever. Just how it goes. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 glasses of wine.

And because I’m late (as usual) in posting, you get a bonus: Banana Ice Cream. No official recipe because this is all it is: bananas, sliced and frozen or an hour (or 48 like I did), tossed in the food processor and whipped into a creamy frozen dessert. That is good for your waistline.



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3 Responses to Sorta Like Tacos, But Classier

  1. Amanda N says:

    I’m totally adding this to my list of go-tos. Easy and delicious. And… I have a spring form pan that I’ve never, ever used.

    • AmandaD says:

      I totally agree! I haven’t touched my spring form pan in years and this looks super easy and delicious!

  2. Denise Domino says:

    This looks fabulously tasty!. What a great way to sneak in some healthy veggies. And who doesn’t like tacos.

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