Quick and Dirty

RECIPE: Kabobs Under the Broiler

Maybe ‘dirty’ was the wrong word to use in reference to food. But you know what I mean. Some nights there’s no time for the pomp and circumstance. Some evenings the kids are lucky I don’t hand them a bowl of Fruit Loops doused in Diet Coke and call it a night.

When I’m meal planning on Sundays I try to throw together a good mixture of complicated meals that take a little time, and ones I can make in the 20 minutes I have between showing property and running to happy hour with the girls. Doesn’t that sound like I have a totally glamorous life? OK, I hardly ever do happy hour. Fast dinners are usually squeezed between showing property and attending endlessly long and tuneless Elementary School concerts. But I am happy houring it up tonight with my Realtor gals, so let’s just pretend I have a social life and do it all the time, K?

Anyway, I always have a few meals with a minor amount of ingredients and prep-work on the list. No one can be Martha Stewart every night (even Martha. I heard she gets Filly B takeout like twice a week. She loves the carne asada burrito, add sour cream. #ijustmadethatup).

The key to making this whole Easy Peasy Dinner thang a real success is making healthy stuff that looks impressive, even if it takes like 15 minutes start to finish. Like my mother always says, “Anyone can shop at Neiman Marcus and look fabulous. If you can shop at Kmart and still look like a million bucks; then you have real fashion sense.” And this relates how, you ask? Well of course, it’s easy to wow an audience with a complicated meal involving wild Alaskan salmon and black truffles, but if you can impress with 6 ingredients in under the time it takes to watch a sitcom while fast forwarding through commercials, you’ve got culinary skilz. With a Z. (Is it not an appropriate quote if you have to explain how it pertains? Ah well. You’re not going to get many pithy food-related quotes from my mother. Fashion is much more her strong suit.)

I keep Kabobs Under the Broiler in my back pocket for exactly nights like tonight. What’s not to love? The kids will eat it, it’s an excellent excuse to break out any dipping sauces you have on hand, it’s uber healthy and it takes like 20 minutes to throw together. Have at it.

Nude shot! Avert your eyes!

I rate this one 4 out of 5 wine glasses. I like the simple, fresh flavors. I also like condiments. A lot.



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4 Responses to Quick and Dirty

  1. Amanda N says:

    That’s what SHE said! ;-)
    I need to do broiler ones. We’ve only ever done them on the grill, but w/ our grill it takes forever just to get the grill going. I also need one of those bada$$ brushes. I love those! It looks so professional!

  2. Debbie Sinykin says:

    I have never thought to do it under the broiler – we usually grill which takes forever. Love it! Thanks!!

  3. Kathleen says:

    This looks awesome. I’m gonna have Dad make it for dinner!

  4. Sarah says:

    Mom would not have said that about Kmart…Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx? Definitely. Kabobs look delish – plus dipping sauce makes everything more delish.

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