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RECIPE: Pizza With Bruschetta Toppings

Have you been to Postino? That wine bar with the fantastic appetizers? If you haven’t, you should. Like right now. They have one in Phoenix (CenPho, is how you say it if you’re under 30 and are wearing any item of clothing in an ironic fashion) and a pretty new one in Gilbert (that’s for the over-30 crowd who are hiding from their kids). They have great wine and really awesome food in small bites. Which is mostly how I love food to be.

The last couple of times I’ve been to Postino I’ve split the bruschetta with a couple of girl friends. You get to choose 4 different kinds and it’s basically just crusty bread topped with different yummy stuff. There’s a BLT one and a fig and prosciutto one and one that’s tomatoes and mozzarella and several others that just make you want to pack a bag and move right in to the bar.

Last week I decide I was craving the bruschetta-type fabulousness, but without time or a sitter to just hang out at a bar and NOM. So I decided to grab some pizza dough from the bread shop and make my own kind of pizza-ish-buschetta-y things.

The mistake was telling Gray we were having pizza for dinner. I need to learn, even if I’m excited about what we’re having, it’s not going to go well to tell the kids what we’re having. They’re going to sigh and roll their eyes and all it’s going to do is piss me off. Or, like the other night, they’re going to get their hopes up that it will be something they automatically like, but then when it’s a variation, they will be super disappointed and cry and refuse to eat a single bite.

So… yeah. When I presented the family with 4 different ‘pizzas’:

1. Jam, brie and apples

2. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil

3. Jam, marscapone, prosciutto

4. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni, basil

Gray cried and refused to eat a bite. I’m pretty sure he thought we were having cheese pizza from Barro’s.

My fault. Lesson learned.

But they were pretty delish. I was most impressed with #1 and #2. #3 was a little on the sweet side and #4 was a little salty.

There’s no real recipe for these pizzas. I used an apricot raspberry jam and the rest of the ingredients are pretty self-explanatory. I baked the pizza dough for 10 minutes on a preheated stone at 400 degrees first. Then I topped them with the cheeses and most of the other ingredients (minus the apple slices) and broiled the pizzas on high for another 5-8 minutes.

And don’t tell your children what you’re serving them before you hand over the plate.


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  1. Jim Tolar says:

    Sigh, kids, what do they know?

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