My husband is a jerk face

RECIPE: Egg in a Hole

Today’s post is dedicated to my husband and his complete lack of support for the things that are important to me. Namely, getting food up on this blog on Mondays.

Two Fridays ago I dragged myself home from a tedious day at work dreading the fancy meal I planned to make that night because I hadn’t done a blog post meal yet that week. I pull into the driveway and that husband of mine is siting on a camping chair in our garage, with dogs passed out on the ground at his feet, holding a beer out for me and invited me to take the other camping chair set out on the opposite side of the beer cooler. Three hours later we ordered pizza from the garage and no meal was made for the blog. He’s a super bad influence. But it was fun!

Last week was another failure in the attempting to get a blog post meal made category. I had one of the hardest weeks of my career, working long hours with a stressful client, and every day I got home and Ryan had a complicated meal figured out that he’d pulled from Men’s Health or something. Which, I realize, is super awesome and I totally appreciated it. Especially since he’s a really good cook. “But Amanda, why didn’t you just take advantage of the boy’s hard work and use that for the blog?” you say… Well yes, I see your logic. But on three days in a row the conversation in the kitchen went like this:

DAY 1  Amanda: “Omg, how did you get those quinoa burgers so perfect? Please tell me you took pictures for the blog.” Ryan: “Um, no. Because I didn’t know if they’d turn out well.”

DAY 2 Amanda: “Dude. These carne asada burritos are awesome. Perfect! I’ll put these on the blog!”  Ryan: “Sorry, no pictures.”

DAY 3 Amanda: “OK seriously?! You made chicken shawarma completely from scratch? Including the sauce and the tatziki sauce on the side? Dare I ask….?”  Ryan: “Probably it’s best if you don’t ask about the pictures.”

I mean COME ON. I would have used the hell out of one of his meals for the blog. They were so good!  So where does that leave me? Sunday morning, waking up in a sweat with the realization that I have nothing for my stupid blog post. Desperation hits!  So what you get today is egg in a hole (or egg in a basket if you’d prefer). Some mornings you just feel like a fried egg inside a piece of buttery, fried bread, you know? This breakfast is perfect for kids because you can pick out a fun cookie cutter to use.

The cooking cutter I used this time? A heart… because, you know… my husband’s the shit and the least I can do to show him how much I appreciate him taking good care of me is to make a piece of toast for him with a heart in it. Ryan, thanks for making my life easy and fun. :-)

Egg in a Hole
Recipe type: Breakfast
Author: Amanda N
Prep time: 1 min
Cook time: 8 mins
Total time: 9 mins
Serves: 1
Easy, fun breakfast
  • Slice of bread
  • Egg
  • Butter
  • Cookie cutter
  • Salt and pepper (to taste)
  1. Cut a hole out of the center of the bread. Keep the punched out piece.
  2. Get out your cast iron (or frying pan) and heat it to medium heat. Melt a good bit of butter in there.
  3. Place the bread pieces (including the punched out bits, they’re gonna be good fried too!) in the butter.
  4. Crack an egg in the center of each bread.
  5. Watch your butter to make sure you have enough to keep the bread from sticking.
  6. Flip the bread/egg when it’s getting brown on the bottom. Cooking until this next side is brown too.


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One Response to My husband is a jerk face

  1. Leslie Keidel says:

    I love your passion for good food and the fact that you are more passionate for your husband.

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