Mustard Chicken and How to Keep Your Hands Bacteria-Free

RECIPE: Mustard Chicken

When Ryan told me he wanted to do yellow mustard chicken, I was skeptical. All that goes on this chicken is plain ole yellow mustard. He wants you to know that if you have a BBQ party and you get a Costco-sized mustard and then only 5 people show up to your party (which I don’t believe because you’re clearly MUCH cooler than that), you can make this recipe to use up mustard leftovers.

Here’s the deal. This recipe is ridiculously cheap and so healthy. You already have the mustard, so that was free. We got this whole chicken on sale for $3.60. For THE WHOLE CHICKEN. So we paid $3.60 for this main dish. Then there’s the health aspect. The only thing that goes on this is mustard. It has zero fat, low calories, and ingredients you recognize. But what about the flavor? It was delicious! Many people think that mustard seed is all that’s in mustard. Not so dear sir. It also has turmeric, which gives it the yellow color.

Now, Ryan wanted you to know some tips about chicken handling. I, as a rule, try to NEVER touch raw chicken. I hate it, it’s disgusting. I will avoid good-looking recipes simply because they involve me interacting with raw chicken. Ryan wears gloves, which is so smart, and here he shows you the proper way to remove gloves to keep the germs contained. He’s got plenty of practice removing gloves with nastier stuff on them, so he’s a pro at keeping his mitts germ-free. Here you go:

Also, Ryan wants you to know that the FDA suggests that you NOT rinse chicken prior to cooking. This is a great chance for bacteria to spread and just don’t do it. Don’t.

So, what could be easier than slathering on some mustard, throwing the chicken in a pan then into the oven, checking the temp in an hour, then eating it? OK, fine, since we’re fancy we did it in our Big Green Egg grill, but Ryan still got the grill to 350degrees, then baked the chicken in there to give it a little extra something. But this will work the same in your regular oven.

Definitely give this recipe of Ryan’s a try. I served it with this super easy roasted carrot recipe and long grain and wild rice. Delicious and healthy.

Mustard Chicken
Recipe type: Dinner
Author: Ryan N (Amanda N’s husband)
Prep time: 2 mins
Cook time: 60 mins
Total time: 1 hour 2 mins
Serves: 6
Ryan N learned this super easy chicken recipe at the fire station.
  • 1 Whole chicken
  • ½ C. – 1 C. yellow mustard (enough to liberally cover your whole chicken)
  1. Set oven (or grill) to 350 degrees.
  2. Slather whole chicken with yellow mustard. Place breast-down in a baking pan. Place in oven.
  3. Check chicken for doneness with a thermometer after one hour.
  4. Allow chicken to rest 5 minutes before eating the hell out of it.


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