Millions of Peaches

First of all…  I swear Manda totally stole my peach theme.  She’s mean.

So MY peach post is pretty much how awesome it is to make out with someone who just ate a peach fresh off the tree.  Too much?  Well, fine, then you can come back tomorrow and read something from JT.  If you like mushy love junk, read on.

It’s not secret I kind of think my husband is awesome.  I wanted to go to the peach festival so bad that I showed up at his work when he got off at 7:15am (he works 24 hr shifts, 7:15am-7:15am), made him drag himself into my car (but I brought him coffee!), and he happily(ish) went with me to Schnepf Farm and braved the crowds so we could pick peaches.

This thing was disorganized to the hilt.  We waited for 40 minutes for our peach pancakes because they, I dunno, forgot that they opened at 7:30 and were surprised by the line of hundreds of people standing outside?

We ate our breakfast, then jumped on a hayride (which we’re allergic to, but it’s the EXPERIENCE, and we suffered through), and they dumped us off in a field of peach trees.  Being a city girl, any farmy thing is kind of thrilling.  It was fun to get deep into the orchard and find a tree that no one else had discovered yet.

Of course we ended up with millions of peach (natch) so I set to baking.  I’ve shown a lot of ‘cooking’ on this blog, but I’m really more of a baker.  I love how scientific baking is,  how one messed up ingredient can ruin the whole thing.  I also really love that when you bake for people, they’re always impressed.  (honest, baking isn’t that hard, it’s just following directions.)  And, it was doubly awesome that Ryan’s currently at a fire station where everyone’s not on diets, so they’ll actually EAT the stuff.

I made two peach things.  First is a favorite of ours from Alton Brown.  It’s individual peach upside down cakes that use chrystalized ginger for a really amazing, unsual flavor.  5 out of 5 fat cells.  The other was Smitten Kitchen’s peach cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting.  They were awesome straight out of the oven, but they were so moist with the peaches (which, admittedly, I may have added too many of) that the paper pulled away from the edges and the frosting ripped off the tops when I tried to spread it.  The taste was great, but 3 out of 5 for my inability to make them so they didn’t fall apart.  I’ll have to owe you pretty pictures and nice, printable recipes of those because I’m out of town for a tiny emergency thing, and I didn’t have time to put them on the computer.  But see how dedicated I am to the blog!  Gold star for effort?

Oh wait!  The making out.  here you go!

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7 Responses to Millions of Peaches

  1. jt says:

    Now I see what you’re doing. Last week it was gratuitous bikini reference, this week it’s making out. You’re doing SEO!
    6 out of 5 for meeting the deadline under severe duress.
    5 out of 5 for supporting local eating and in season ingredients!

    Eat locally, live globally.


  2. AmandaD says:

    This was much more romantic than my post! Also I LOVE the first photo!!!

  3. Shannon Smith says:

    Wow we were there too!! We were in line and waiting-but was one of the first ones. The whole family-Mom, Tammy, Daryl and her husband and Brooklyn and myself. We felt they were disorganized too! It just seemed like nothing was ready. And you would think they would open up the animals and some more things for the kids and families to do. Brooklyn enjoyed picking the peaches. We have already made 4 peach crisps. Funny thing we don’t get sick of them. However, even though we enjoyed ourselves they need to open up the rides and animal farm for the kids.

    • Amanda N says:

      Right?! it was insane there, but oh so much fun… it seemed like they opened more stuff as time went on.

  4. Debbie Sinykin says:

    Love the post!!! Reminds me that I need to go peach pickin!!!

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