As long as you don’t call me Mandy, we won’t have a problem.

I’m the other Amanda, or just Manda.  I’m an English teacher, and, no, that doesn’t mean I’ll judge the grammar in your comments.  OK, I will totally judge you, but only in my head.  That said, please know the difference between your/you’re and there/their/they’re.

A while ago my sister posted the following status update on Facebook, “When I say I like cooking, what I really mean is that I like cooking, drinking wine and singing loudly off-key.”  My immediate response to her was, “If I ever start to wonder, this is one clear way we’re related.”  I love to cook, but I also love to wear cute aprons, to drink a cold beer or a decent glass of wine, and to dance around my kitchen singing bad pop music while making food for people I love.  Also I like wearing matching aprons with my mom and sister at Christmastime, because, yeah, we’re awesome like that.

Doesn't my mom look thrilled to be taking this picture?

I have a tiny galley kitchen that is stuffed to the seams with every possible kitchen accoutrement, minus the shiny red Kitchen Aid stand mixer I’ve always lusted after.  I learned how to cook in college from watching the Food Network for hours on end in the middle of the night with my then-roommate’s boyfriend.  Cooking Light is my recipe bible.

Soup is my favorite food group.  Yes, food group.  I could eat soup every day, I don’t care if it’s 117 degrees outside.  There’s something comforting and relaxing about a good pot of soup.  I’m not a very good baker, as baking requires precision and patience, both of which I severely lack.  My New Year’s resolution for last year was to use my slow cooker at least once a week.  That lasted for about three weeks…so I should probably get back on that.  I enjoy red wine, a good beer, freezing cold vodka, and Hendrick’s Gin with a slice of cucumber.

I’ve considered going kind of vegetarian, but a) I love bacon cheeseburgers, and b) I’m allergic to soy.  Also I think fake meat is disgusting.  Why not just eat a cup of processed chemicals and high fructose corn syrup while you’re at it?

Some random facts about me…I like proper grammar when texting, things that sparkle, caffeine, swearing, my coworkers, the 1920s, wearing a tiara for no reason (see above), mocking teenagers, and making people laugh. I dislike being cold, being late, forensic mystery tv shows, bad drivers, wearing heels, death metal, and ignorant people.  I held a chicken once, but it didn’t stop me from eating chicken a week later.

I will always eat: cheese enchiladas, cheese burgers, cheddar cheese goldfish crackers, Caprese salad with lots of cheese, so pretty much all cheese (with the exceptions of stinky ones), my mother’s gumbo, oranges, fresh basil on anything, homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, lattes, pork products of all sorts, couscous, Brussels sprouts, hummus, scrambled eggs

Please don’t make me eat: cauliflower, rare steak, really dark chocolate, anchovies, non-homemade guacamole, gazpacho, cantaloupe

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