Make Yourself a Dang Quesadilla

Recipe: Quesadilla with Candied Walnuts, Brie, and Mango Salsa

Last Sunday my sister, Marybeth, called and said “I have a great appetizer I just made, can I bring it over and try it out on you guys. If it’s good you can blog about it.” Seriously, she had me at “you can blog about it.”

As the recipe title reveals, it’s a Quesadilla made with highly alternative ingredients and accompanied by a weird, fruity “salsa.” I had a couple of reservations at the beginning. Firstly, I can no longer even hear the word “quesadilla” without thinking of Napoleon Dynamite’s Grandma. Secondly, I’m a little averse to mixing my fruits and my normal food, like salsa. It seems like it gets pretty close to mixing desert and dinner in the same bowl and eating it.

Turns out neither of those apply here. Even though it’s candied walnuts and Brie, it’s still a real Kaysa-Deeya. And this mango salsa? I’m pretty sure some reference book uses a picture of this as an example of awesome. It’s the perfect combination of sweet with fire and crunchy thrown in.

We mowed through the tortillas and Brie that Marybeth brought over and had a bunch of the salsa left. The pictures you’re looking at here are from the next day when Kathleen made it *again* for lunch! It was that good.

When Marybeth sent me the link for the Mango Salsa, I wasn’t surprised to find that it resolved to Simply Recipes. When she made it, she discarded the jalapeno seeds and ribs. I recommend keeping them in to turn up the temperature a bit. You’ve got mango and cucumber, candied walnuts and Brie to counteract the jalapeno, the salsa needs the heat. I also think it improves if you make it 4 or 5 hours in advance and let the flavors meld in the refrigerator.

Rating: Are you kidding me? This is a 5, no questions asked. It’s super quick, after you’ve made the salsa, and will impress any crowd you serve it to. It is delicious.



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  1. Elizabeth says:

    YUM. You can totally make that next time I come over and I will eat it. (Also, ha. ‘Dang quesa-dilla.’)

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