Kiss the bikini goodbye (but you won’t mind) burger

RECIPE: Not So Healthy Men’s Health Burger

So.  Maybe I should take this as a hint that veggie ‘patties’ aren’t manly enough?  If making veggie meals means my husband is going to bust out this kind of meal… A manly, awesome, juicy, fatty, interesting burger with the strangest ingredients.  A burger from Men’s “Health“.  Bwahaha!  Health!  But first, I want you to see this picture:

That, my food people, is a picture that my husband took while I was at work.  Because he knew I’d lose my mind if I missed the opportunity to take advantage of his hard work to fill a blog post.  Awe, love him. Those ingredients made the ‘sauce’ for our burger.  We’ll get to that in a bit.

When we got home from the gym, he put me to work as his sous chef.  First job was smashing herbs.  Sweet!  I got this mortar and pestle from my Aunt in Florida for Christmas, and I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.  I asked for it, because I love fun kitchen tools in theory, but I’m too lazy to actually use them.  Too bad the M/P was no match for caraway seeds.

Ta-da!  Coffee grinder used for spices, a la our hero Alton Brown.

This burger puts together NOTHING I’d think of to put on a burger.  It has caramelized apples and the equivalent of egg salad on it (that’s the sauce!).  Weird, right?  That’s what I thought too, but somehow the flavors totally work together.

The thing that this burger has in common with last week’s veggie pattie is it is super ingredient heavy.  I’m kinda starting to think that the yummiest foods are worth all the ingredients and complicated steps.

Ryan says the most interesting part of this recipe was putting the burger meat in the freezer for 10 minutes before forming the burgers.  I’ve never heard of this technique before, but it’s kind of genius.  The burgers almost formed themselves.  Although, Ryan’s got a pretty good burger technique going there.

I liked that you browned the burgers on the stovetop and then moved them right into the oven to finish them.  It gave them a delicious crust.  The burgers had bacon and smoky Gruyere cheese in them, so they smelled like heaven when they were cooking.

And that, my friends, is a BURGER.  Served on a bun with a ‘sauce’ that’s like a caper-y egg salad and topped with cooked apple slices.  The green salad is optional, and probably only on the plate to add color to a blog photo.  These unlikely ingredients all together work in a big way.  At the risk of having a trend here on my Monday posts… this was a strong 5 out of 5.  I’ve gotta start posting losers so you don’t get the wrong impression of how we eat in our house.  Next week:  a loser meal to balance out all the amazing winners we’ve had recently.  Click the recipe below for printing.

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2 Responses to Kiss the bikini goodbye (but you won’t mind) burger

  1. Debbie Sinykin says:

    Love the cast iron pan!!! I am a fan of those! And almost thinking of going to those instead of having nonstick. Can’t wait to try but might wait for a special occasion cause I am trying to get into a (not bikini – kissed those away a long time ago – LOL) bathing suit ;P

  2. Amanda N says:

    Hey! We totally got that cast iron and a dutch oven for camping at the huge antique place on AZ Ave and Warner. Ryan re-seasoned them and tada!

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