It’s her fault (probably not the last time I’ll say that).

Recipe: For Disaster

Nothing food related this week. I blame her.

Please allow me to introduce the newest member of our family, Sophie. She’s of unknown breed (some German shepherd?) and unknown age (8-ish weeks?). I found her on my way home last night. As I may have mentioned, I am a regular bike commuter. On my ride home from work last night, I witnessed her heartless, gutless, previous owner dumping her out of a duffel bag onto the side of a very busy road. Luckily, I happened along just as this occurred. I was able to get the owner’s license plate (all the better to report you to the Police, my dear) and gather up Sophie before the inevitable happened.

I’m not a big dog guy, but I knew I was doomed as soon as I zipped her into my bike jersey and rode the remaining 5 miles home. As soon as Kathleen saw her, anonymous abandoned dog became Sophie, our newest family member. Consequently, putting together today’s food-related post became instead “put together a puppy-proof enclosure in the back yard.”

I promise next week’s post will be worth the wait. Until then, Sophie says “thanks for understanding.”

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12 Responses to It’s her fault (probably not the last time I’ll say that).

  1. Aunt Peg says:

    Love her!!!!! You know you will always be her favorite so just go with it! Do you think Kathleen’s staff planned the whole thing? They so wanted her to have a dog.

    • JT says:

      As I said, I witnessed the dumping and confronted the b**ch, it wasn’t a member of Kathleen’s staff (but I wouldn’t put that past them either…)

  2. Manda says:

    #1: That dog is ridiculously adorable.

    #2: So, for the record, JT was the one who screwed up WindandaSpoon forever. #gladItWasNotMe


  3. Jen says:

    WOW. Adore. And I wish we had a photo of Sophie tucked in your bike jersey. Priceless. (And THANK YOU for rescuing her!)

  4. Michele Guss says:

    Always makes me happy to hear that an abandned and/or homeless dog has found a forever home. Yeah for you JT! I am sure Sophie will bring you many years of happiness.

  5. Debbie M. says:

    German Shepards taste delicious with a white wine reduction!

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