Broken stoves, some duct tape and amazing grilled peaches

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RECIPE: Greens Restaurant’s grilled peaches with cheese and watercress

I’d never been to Yosemite. Love.

I just returned–my now-duct-taped shoe and various mosquito bites are evidence–from four days backpacking with Ken and his fam. (Yes, those seedy bars were great, thanks for asking.)

So this family is amazing. They backpack every year together and the trip was planned by Ken’s parents.

As other hikers attested to along the way, these two are inspirational. I agree!

The backpacking gig was not part of my childhood. My mom would rather stay at the nearest B&B and hope it had a pool and a decent wine cellar. However, I do recall her fostering my plea for the outdoors. We pitched a tent in the backyard. And then my mom delivered a plate of nachos to the tent full of yapping kids. That was pretty awesome.

No nachos here, but welcome to our kitchen at about 8,000 feet.

It helped produce lovely meals like this:

Homemade pesto for pasta and greens (and flowers!) from Ken’s garden. And then there’s the French toast. A beauty, right?

But with a price.

Yes, we broke a stove while making said French toast. See above flame. Soon thereafter, we’d managed to break stove #2, also above. Thankfully, backpackers are remarkably kind people and we borrowed a stove for the remainder of the trek.

Also helpful for such situations?  Snowgaritas (margarita mixings + snow). Ahh.

We drove to San Francisco briefly after hiking and before flying back to Portland. And I had the most divine lunch EVER. Have you heard of Greens Restaurant?

It’s astounding. It opened in the 1970s as part of a Zen Center and is known the world over as a premier vegetarian restaurant. Organic food, sourced locally, is served in a stunning setting: at Fort Mason with huge warehouse windows that face the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Without question, we had to order the peaches.

It was my plan to recreate this dish for you, dear readers. But here’s the thing: I just got home. And I looked at the market for organic peaches, but found none.  I’m hoping for better luck today.

So let’s make it together, ya?

INGREDIENTS: Grilled organic peaches, with fromage blanc cheese and honey served atop watercress greens.

Rating: 5 of 5 glasses of elegant white wine, or those Yosemite snowgaritas.  Seriously amazing.

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