Green Egg Pizza

RECIPE: Fig, Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

The newest obsession in our house is the Big Green Egg, and yes it is appropriate to capitalize every word.  It is that awesome.  We’ve been wanting one for years and finally bit the bullet and bought one.

We’ve been visiting my family in Florida together since we first got married (and it was finally appropriate to share a room in a relative’s house).  Trips out there include a lot of fishing, and an equal amount of grilling.  They ALL have Big Green Eggs, all sizes for many occasions, and they swear it’s the reason they never go out for a steak.  You just can’t find a steak as good as one off an Egg if you go to a restaurant.  And oh the meals they’ve cooked us…  Heaven, I swear.

Ok, before this starts to sound like an advertisement for the Big Green Egg, since you know I’m not getting paid to write this (I wish!), let me tell you how the first 3 weeks went with ours:  charcoal refusing to light, the buying of an actual flame torch, uncontrollable 700 degree heat charring everything, hair ripping out, tantrum throwing.

But… we’ve had the Egg for 2 months now and…. ok, no we haven’t quite figured it out yet. We have had a few successes though, including the following….

Fig Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

(btw, you can totally make this pizza in your oven too.  it just won’t have the same amount of awesome)

First, we’re not fancy around here.  Yes, we probably could make our own dough, but, um, why would we when we can buy it?  But any dough requires tons of care.  First you have to bring it to room temperature and then you have to stretch it and then let it sit and chill.  And then you stretch some more.  Sit and chill.  Ok, you get the point.  This goes on for a while until it’s the right size.

Then you have to get one of these pizza peels (yes, you need it, the bigger the better), sprinkle some corn meal on it for anti-sticking, then slap your dough on it.

Then you put some stuff on top.  We, again, are too lazy to make sauce so we buy it.  If you have Fresh & Easy, we think their sauce is great (so is their dough, btw).  For this pizza we got a bag of dried figs (near the raisins) and cut them up.  Then you rip prosciutto and throw this on too.  Ok, here’s where we deviate from the picture above.  That pizza was great and all, but not enough arugula flavor.  I think next time we’ll put it on after the pizza cooks.

Next there’s cheese, of course.  We like mozzarella, and it really is better if you buy the ball in the fluid.  Water?  I dunno.  So that and then some parmesan.  But the trick to a great pizza is to put some crushed garlic in olive oil and then brush that on the crust.  If I’m feeling crazy I even dribble some over the top.

Ok, crap.  Forgot to tell you that you were supposed to put a pizza stone on the grill to heat up a while ago.  Darn it.  You didn’t already start the pizza before you got to this part in the post, right?  Anyway, heat at about 500 degrees.  Ok, now use your peel to slide the pizza on.

Close the lid and check it every once in a while. When it looks brown enough on the bottom, it’s done.  Eh, I should probably time that for you guys.  I’ll get right on that.  Anyway, voila!

This pizza was better than we could get down the street at our local pizzeria.  You can do this exactly the same in your oven with the stone heated to 500 degrees.  Also, this pizza is even better with some pesto in addition to the red sauce.  Click the image below for the recipe.

Rating:  4 out of 5 glasses of wine with the arugula pre-cooking, but 5 out of 5 on the next try adding pesto and putting the arugula on top after baking.

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3 Responses to Green Egg Pizza

  1. elizabeth says:

    Wooo!!! First post!!

    I am having an affair with arugula. He’s my boyfriend. Don’t tell Jason.

  2. Ryan says:

    Ohhh…Egg…I miss you so much!

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