Cookies with coriander? Are awesome.

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RECIPE: Snickerdoodles with Sage or Coriander

I needed to bake something for work and wanted to make cookies, but something DIFFERENT. So I decided on snickerdoodles, but that I’d change the spice it’s rolled in.

That evening, I went to a sewing class with my mom.

This wasn’t part of the class, but it was my most recent sewing experiment. Meet the new iPad case for a friend:

yea ipad

Anyway. At the class, I told my mom about my brilliant baking plan. “Sure, that’s a great idea,” she said. “Except for the people who actually LIKE snickerdoodles.”

I still wanted to try. But oh the options for what to roll a sugar cookie in. Lavender? Dried orange peel? Rosemary? Cayenne? Anise seed? I ended up grabbing some rubbed sage and coriander and tried both.

I whipped up the basic sugar recipe, adding in extra vanilla. After letting the dough chill, I made two spice batches for rolling the dough: some organic rough raw sugar (brown and not bleached) with sage, and the raw sugar with coriander. And very generous spice amounts.

This one’s sage:

cookies in sage

And they were ready for the oven (left coriander, right sage):

sage cookies to bake

Yes, I have a mini-cookie sheet. It works for my mini-oven that does not fit real-sized bakeware. I started baking around 10 pm. And the smell that filled my little apartment? Divine.

I ate one of each immediately, to see if they were terrible and whether I should change spice options for the next cookie sheet. (I’d purchased the orange peel as a back-up.) But they were both fantastic. Especially fresh out of the oven.

sage and coriander cookies

So I made the rest and brought ALL of them to the office. I didn’t want any butter/sugar temptations left in my house.

My favorite was actually the coriander. Such a rich spice was perfect with sugar and butter.

Rating: 5 of 5 glasses of sweet dessert wine. And hey, try adding your favorite spice and tell me what you think!

Downloadable recipe below.

Snickerdoodle recipe

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  1. I love the mix of unique spices with traditional cookies. I think these are brilliant. I don’t bake cookies often (twice a year) but these are going to be the ones I’ll try. Love it.

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