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RECIPE: Limoncello

So, you’ve seen the Drunk Kitchen girl, right?  I wish I’d thought of that.  Because, I mean, come on, it’s already going on over here.  I didn’t know I could make money by taping it.

Sometimes we even make our own alcohol.  Well not alcohol, that sounds hard, but infused stuff.  Ryan’s a master at limoncello.

Limoncello is a lemon liqueur.  We had it for the first time at a restaurant in Little Italy.  It was delicious.  But I swear to you, Ryan’s rivals my memory of that one.  Although, admittedly, that memory is a tad fuzzy.

Oh hold on, alcohol!  Stop the process!

Clink!  So anyway, basically this recipe is you take a whole lot of lemons and zest them.  By ‘zest’ I mean just the yellow stuff, not the white stuff under the surface.  That’s called the pith, and it’s gross.  So stop at the yellow.

So you take a bunch of zested lemon, some vodka, put it together in a container, and then store it away in a cool, dark place.  Our dark place is the hall closet where I keep all my camera boxes.  Oh, and keep the empty vodka bottle.  You’ll need it again.

I should mention that our limoncello container is always this one.  This is the container my mom used to use for sun tea.  She loved all things ocean.  I’ve inherited a lot of these things, as you’ll see again in a few pictures.  Ryan uses it for sun tea also, but also the limoncello… which, frankly, freaks me out because with all the drinking necessary to make successful limoncello I’m afraid one of these days we’re going to drop it when we’re messing around in the kitchen.

After ‘several days’ (which in our house means whenever we remember it’s in the closet) take the container out and squeeze all that yummy vodka out of the lemon zest, and throw the zest away.

Then use a strainer to get more of the lemon out.

Then another strainer.

And if you’re feeling crazy, do it one more time.  I feel about my limoncello like I do about my orange juice:  nasty floaties are never any good.

There’s the aforementioned other ocean reference.  We use a shell from Florida to scoop out our sugar, just like my mom always did.  The next part of the limoncello recipe is to make a simple syrup to add to the infused vodka.  It’s easy, you just put sugar in water and boil until the sugar dissolves.

The resulting yumminess is going to be more than your original vodka bottle, so I suggest you go get a pretty bottle like this.  It is a known fact that mothers love this for Mother’s Day.  My MIL even gave us the bottle back and requested more for whatever holiday came up next.  I’m pretty sure Ryan was drunk when he wrote the recipe down, because I think that it needs to sit in the closet a few more days.  Is that possible?  D*mn, this is the problem with drinking and working on alcohol recipes.  OK, whatever, can’t hurt to put it in the closet.  But THEN, you MUST put it in the freezer.  It’s best super cold, promise.  And I know for a fact it’s the most awesome if you stick it in a snow bank overnight.

OK, fine, I’ve given you a post with a lot (a LOT) of pretty, steady-handed pictures of the process, but let’s get real…  Wait, I just searched my computer for WandAS-appropriate photos of us drinking…  um there weren’t any.  BUT!  I did find a picture of limoncello having fun.  This picture also illustrates that while limoncello is super happy in a snow bank… beer is kind of not.  Let this be a lesson to you.

I give this recipe a 4 out of 5 shots of limoncello (of course).  It’s delicious, but we haven’t quite perfected the amount of simple syrup.  Either that, or (and I suspect this is more the case), we haven’t ever managed to let that alcohol sit in a closet for long enough. We like our alcohol out of the closet and in a shot glass.  Drink up below.

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  1. AmandaD says:

    I’ve always wanted to make Limoncello but the recipe that I have seems really complicated. Your way looks so much easier!! Also, I love vodka, so Amandas definitely know what’s up.

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