Alcohol spoils salmon

RECIPE: Roasted Salmon and Asparagus with Lemon Caper Sauce

A rare night at home together means we usually get over ambitious in the food department.  Cedar planks!  Expensive fish!  Complicated side dishes!  What we haven’t quite figured out in 9+ years of marriage is that we need to temper our enthusiasm based on the day of the week.  Let’s take for example Thursdays.

Mmmmm…  We started Thursday Night Drinking Night in college, because, obviously, college kids are too stupid to care if they’re conscious for their 8am Friday class.  And Thursday is ALMOST the weekend, right?  But to this day, TNDN is an oft-celebrated holiday in our house.  Mind you, the amount of drinking has decreased (please, we go to bed at 9pm.  we’re OLD.  a brand new 21 year-old could easily drink us under the table), but Thursdays usually find Bob Marley on the stereo and a mini dance party going on in the kitchen.  There’s also a fair amount of laughing and chasing dogs around the house.  What, this doesn’t happen at your house on Thursdays?

So next thing we know, it’s 7:30, we’re two Dexter episodes deep… and we just don’t feel hungry.  Plus, the grill takes like 3 hours to light. Cut to two days later: me staring into the fridge at the $20 worth of dinner supplies that are going to waste because Ryan’s at work and I’m too lazy to make anything for myself besides a burrito. mmmmm… burrito….

Now it’s three days later.  Ryan’s still not home (*sniff*) and that fish is staring at me with some ire.  Guilt gets the better of me, and I decide to just cook the damn thing and be done with it.

So I head to the internet and type in what I’ve got and wait for Google to direct my life as it usually does.  Google tells me to make a recipe with capers in it.  First, I don’t particularly love capers.  Second, we don’t HAVE capers.  Wait, another two things occur to me now:  First, I decided after the not-so-healthy-men’s-health-burger that I actually do kinda like capers.  Second, said burger had capers in it (obviously, I just said that), so, theretofore, we actually probably did in fact HAVE capers.

This recipe was easy enough that I threw it together in less than 5 minutes, and it was ready to eat 20 minutes later.  But in that time I lost all incentive to accomplish anything.  If we’re being honest here, when Ryan’s not home for a few days I disappear into my Kindle, I let the house collect dust, and I turn my mind off.  Which, clearly, is what happened when I forgot to take a ‘done’ picture, other than the one I took with my cell phone to send to JT on Facebook so he could see that I eat something other than mac ‘n cheese when Ryan’s at work.  So fine, here’s a lame camera phone picture:

This dish tasted restaurant quality, it took about 2 brain cells to make, and it made me feel better about myself than a burrito would have.  Maybe.  Burritos are really delicious.  Would easily be a 5 using fresh red onion, fresh lemon juice, and fresh thyme like the recipe called for. I’m doing that next time.  For my version, a 4.5 out of 5 glasses of lonely whine wine for ease, prettiness, deliciousness, and asparagus pee.

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