About Wine and a Spoon

We are five people who like to cook.

We are:

The Treehugger

jen's splash


The Teacher


The Engineer


The Mother


The Jock

But that’s only if you want to see us in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. In reality we are each a treehugger, a teacher, an engineer, a mother and a jock.

We’re not chefs. We’re not even foodies (because how out is that word?). We just like food and we want to share our experiences (good and bad) with you.

Wine and a Spoon comes from the meditative way you cook time-intensive risotto … wine in one hand and spoon in the other.  Sip and stir. Sip and stir. This sort of encompasses what we all love about cooking (even though JT prefers his beverages of the lager variety).

If you visit here often, you can expect a new recipe and a story every day of the work week. We like to think we each represent a different viewpoint on food and what sort of role it plays in our lives. So you’ll get a little bit of each view point every week.



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  1. Amy says:


    …in an ugly, stalker sort of way.

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