All Things jt (well, not all things, but some things)

I’m a lifelong eater who came to cooking rather late in the game, and primarily out of self defense. Without any particular skills in preparation or presentation, and no idea what goes with what as far as making up recipes goes, I think I’m like a lot of people out there. I know what I like, and I’d like to be able to cook it for myself. The fact that it also ends up feeding others is just a happy side effect. I enjoy the actual *act* of cooking. It’s an activity that you can do while watching tv and drinking beer, and when you’re done you get to eat! What’s not to like?

I’m a 50-something (if you read this quickly) husband, father of three, and grandfather of four.  Here is a picture of the whole clan (I’m the old one, in the middle).

I am an Electrical Engineer (computers), a committed bike commuter, and a recreational rider. I used to be a runner, but that has long since become a past hobby, and I still play Ultimate Frisbee for fun.




I like to think that I’ve tried a little bit of everything in the kitchen, but that probably reveals more about how little I know than how much I’ve tried. I’ve baked (bread, and one pie), stewed, braised, fried (although I’ve never deep-fried), grilled, sauteed, smoked and stir-fried. I’m a dedicated recipe follower and a cookbook collector (although “hoarder” may be a more appropriate term here). I surf the web for new recipes pretty much constantly. I go through stages where I focus on one particular genre or technique (it was smoking meat for a while last year) and stay there until I get tired of it or latch on to something else.

My current interest is vegetarian cooking. I’m not a vegetarian, I’m not even that fond of most vegetables, but I have a couple of vegetarians in my life. Sadly, my attempts to accommodate their lifestyle have been limited to pasta with marinara sauce, garlic bread, or an extra side-dish (more green bean casserole anyone?). I’d like to be able to serve actual real vegetarian entrees some time, so that’s where I’m going to be concentrating my surfing, posting, and cooking efforts in the near future. That said, you can’t spell “vegetarian meal” without “meat”, so I’ll be cooking and posting about real honest protein too.

Food Likes: linguine with red clam sauce, sushi, spicy Mexican food, pretty much anything grilled, good crusty bread, garlic, stir-fry

Food-like Objects That Disgust Me: cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cooked broccoli (which may make my whole vegetarian-cooking thing a bit of a challenge, eh?)

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6 Responses to All Things jt (well, not all things, but some things)

  1. Amy says:

    OH MY GOSH! JT! HEEELP! I am a vegetarian and dont know how to cook for shit! Seriously. Could you post some yummy recipes that are animal friendly if ya know what I’m sayin’?

    I love your daughter (not in the dirty way) and I cant wait for what you guys conjure up with this site! ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS!

    love love LOVE IT!

    • JT says:

      My goal is at least 25% of my posts will be vegetarian. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is a much larger fraction of my posts than my meals. :-)

      Plus, check Jen’s posts, she actually *is* a vegetarian.


  2. Amanda N says:

    Oh Amy, I love you! You’re awesome. :-)

  3. Kathleen Tolar says:

    I’m not sure I like that “and primarily out of self defense,” comment…sounds too much like, “My wife hates cooking, can’t cook and refuses to cook, so I have to.” That’s all true, but we don’t rat out family:-).

    • JT says:

      Of course I can see how it might seem that way, but that’s the double-edged sword of natural language, both its strength and weakness, multiple possible interpretations of the same sentence. I was more going for “and primarily to provide my over-worked, long-suffering, vastly talented, multidimensional wife with at least one area of her life where she could just sit back and deservedly rest”. Is it clearer now?

  4. Kathleen Tolar says:

    Ahhh – thanks for the clarification!

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